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“How Kids Will Help Decide the Future of Television” – very interesting found articles

Thank’s to R&D’s Vicky Spengler for spotting some highly relevant and data-packed articles over the weekend. How Kids Will Help Decide the Future of Television – from This article covers lots of issues and current thinking. One headline is

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“Seismic changes” to broadcasting – Will Gompertz

BBC Radio 4 series Zeitgeisters Heard this on Radio 4 at the weekend. At first I was annoyed that Will Gompertz was stealing our insights. But then realised the changes happening to the world of broadcasting must be pretty clear to anyone

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5 Years from Now by Guest Blogger Cat Macaulay – Programme Director MSc Design Ethnography, University of Dundee

Cat Macaulay responds to the 5 Years Hence Questionnaire. 5 years from now my kids will be 18 and 16, and I expect that the family room will rarely be used as a communal digital entertainment space apart from for

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A conversation with Simon Cobb – Development Producer, CBBC – about the future shape of TV

This was a recent conversation I had with CBBC’s Simon Cobb – reconstructed with the help of copious notes taken at the time. I thought Simon had such interesting thoughts about the possible future shape of TV, I wanted to write

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The future of the living room – R&D’s Ian Forrester imagines

There has been a battle, or even a war, for the living room for a long while. Its all down to convergence and the halo effect of what should be possible. As this blog is all about the next 5

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Netflix and Kindle – technology, fun and control

The two biggest and most surprising new-arrivals in the children’s entertainment market are Amazon and Netflix. I doubt established providers like CBeebies, Disney, Nickelodeon even considered them rivals just a short time ago. Both have launched services that set a

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Sticky Post – what’s all this then?

CBeebies and BBC R&D began a chat about what things might be like in 5 years time. In a spirit of openness, this discussion has been opened up to all interested parties. So, welcome to this informal chin-wag about the future. Find

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The 5 Years Hence Questionnaire

Here’s a pick and mix of questions and concepts. If any or all stimulate your inner futurologist, we want you to respond. Use the form below or email me about how we might best to share your thoughts. 1. Imagine five

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